Board Workshop Agenda

Time Topic Presenter Credit
8:15-9:15 School Finance in Texas Bruce Marchand 60 Minutes
School Finance
9:15-10:15 2018 Accountability System Laura Kelly

60 Minutes
Accountability Other

10:15-11:15 Accountability for Public Funds Laura Kelly 60 Minutes
Accountability for Public Funds
Awards Luncheon 
1:15-2:15 Student Discipline Christine Nishimura & Lindsey Gordon 60 Minutes
School Law
2:15-3:15 Open Meetings Christine Nishimura & Lindsey Gordon 60 Minutes
Open Meetings
3:15-4:15 Public Records Paula Moeller 60 Minutes
Public Records


TCSA is proud to announce the 2018 version of the Board Training that will occur during the Annual Conference.  As in prior years, board members attending this full day of training will receive six hours of training credit.  The content shared on this day will align with the Texas Education Agency’s training requirements for board members.  Returning board members must receive six hours of training credit while new board members must earn twelve hours of training credit in specific categories to satisfy board training requirements.

School Finance:

Board members will learn how revenues are received from the Texas Education Agency in this school finance session.  Attendees will understand how attendance and student participation in certain programs impacts the amount of money received for an individual student.  Participants will learn how a charter can qualify for the Permanent School Fund Bond Guarantee Program and apply for New Instructional Facilities Allotment grant program dollars.

2018 Accountability System:

Board members will learn the changes to the 2018 Accountability System that occurred as a result of HB 22 that was passed during the 85th Legislative Session.  This session will highlight the three domains of the new system and what indicators are included within each domain.  A timeline for the new accountability system will be shared and board members will learn how the charter is being measured on the TEA Performance Framework that was released to the public for the first time in the spring of 2017.

Accountability for Public Funds:

Board members attending this session will learn about their fiduciary responsibilities and duty to oversee the proper spending of state and federal funds. Attendees will learn about board reports they should be seeing on a monthly and quarterly basis, the role of the board on the financial audit, the Annual Financial and compliance Report and Charter FIRST.

Student Discipline:

When was the last time you revised your charter’s Student Code of Conduct?  Now is the time to review your board policies and Student Code of Conduct as a result of the 85th Legislative Session.  Changes in bullying laws, working with special education students with disciplinary issues, and expulsion will be several of the changes covered within this session.  Join TCSA’s legal counsel as they prepare board members for the critical changes needed within your charter’s policies and procedures related to student discipline.

Open Meetings:

This session will help board members understand how to comply with the Open Meetings Act.  Board members will understand what constitutes a board meeting, define timelines for posting board meeting agendas, and what can be discussed and recorded in a closed session of the board.  The session will also discuss how board members can attend meetings virtually and when an emergency board meeting may be called.

Public Records:

The final session of the board workshop will assist board members in understanding the charter district and campus’ responsibility for public records.  Board members will learn how and when to provide public information to requestors and when a request can be denied as a result of an exemption from the Attorney General’s office.  Board members will learn what information is protected for students under FERPA and what employee information is protected under HIPAA.